About Me


I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UCLA and received my Psy.D. (Doctorate of Psychology) in 2009 from Alliant International University's California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. I got licensed in 2010. I have over 9 years experience in the mental health field at various sites and with different types of people. Some of my work and training experiences include: outpatient day treatment with adults, counseling and teaching at-risk adolescents, therapy for homeless adults, inpatient treatment at Bayview Psychiatric Hospital, long-term therapy and psychological evaluations with adolescents and adults at Harmonium agency, juvenile delinquency evaluations, correctional (prison) psychology, working with US Marines in a PTSD study for the VA. I worked at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility from 2010-2012. I worked with active duty military personnel at the Mental Health Clinic at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton from 2012-2014. I have maintained my own private practice since 2009 because I am passionate about therapy and testing. That is the reason I have decided to dedicate my career to private practice now.


I use a biopsychosocial model which looks at how biological, psychological and social (or interpersonal) processes interact in each individual's life. Wellness involves the mind and the body. This model incorporates how your unique personality and past experiences have influenced your life and how you view the world, as well as what is currently keeping your problems from being resolved and how to get past them. My goal is to tailor an approach that works best for each unique individual through a collaborative discussion of your goals and needs, and then focusing on identifying unhealthy patterns, strengthening your sense of self, and learning to change maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. I believe that people come to therapy when they feel stuck in their lives. The combination of having someone to help you gain insight, gently challenge you, and provide you with new skills, and your own personal strengths and motivation, work together to help you move forward.

Professional Activities and Memberships:

  • Member of San Diego Psychological Association
  • Member of American Psychological Association
  • Presented at 2010 APA Conference and 2011 CPA Conference.